Sachse CERT Training:

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is an ongoing program in Sachse and the surrounding communities.
During a natural or man-made disaster, CERT assists emergency response teams in doing damage assessment, accounting for residents and securing quick, accessible routes into their neighborhood.  They are trained to be self-sufficient for up to 96-hours without additional resources.

The Basic CERT class prepares you by instruction in 9 modules:

  • Unit 1: Disaster Preparedness
  • Unit 2: Fire Safety
  • Unit 3: Disaster Medical Operations, Part I
  • Unit 4: Disaster Medical Operations, Part II
  • Unit 5: Light Search and Rescue Operations
  • Unit 6: CERT Organization
  • Unit 7: Disaster Psychology
  • Unit 8: Terrorism and CERT
  • Unit 9: Course Review and Disaster Simulation

The class is 21-hours spread over two consecutive full-day Saturdays.

Minimum Age: 18 years of age as of the first day of class or 16 with parental consent and parental participation.

Sachse is actively recruiting residents for its CERT program which includes development and training of Neighborhood CERT teams to support its community.

Once trained, CERT members will be able to provide the following services to their neighbors:

  • Increase their neighborhood’s disaster readiness
  • Perform triage and provide medical services to the injured
  • Perform light search and rescue operations
  • Extinguish small fires and teach fire safety
  • Assess damage after a disaster

For information about the Sachse CERT program, email

For more information about general CERT programs, see FEMA's site at

Sachse CERT Responders are required to participate in a specific number of drills, meetings and trainings to maintain active responder status.  Other CERT programs have similar membership requirements.  Volunteering as a CERT Responder is optional upon completion of the training.


10 Informational CERT Videos

Sachse CERT is a sponsored program of the Sachse Citizen Corps Council, a 501(c)(3) recognized charitable organization.


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